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Wood Shaving Dryer Machine in being installed in Malaysia

Time:2019年11月11日      Hits:

Wood Shaving Dryer Machine in being installed in Malaysia now. The designed capacity of this set of wood shaving drying plant is 2500kg per hour.

The Wood Shaving, Length 50mm x Width 25mm x Thickness 1.5mm bulk density: about 40 kg per m3 which is rather thin and light. Thus the size of wood shaving dryer machine should be big enough so that it can supply enough drying space and drying time.

As the customer is to use waste wood as fuel for the wood shaving drying plant, and during the burning of waste wood, surely it would generated some sparks. If do not have the reasonable solutuon to process the sparks, it may cause fire inside the rotary dryer machine.

Sunco Machinery designed one special bruning system which includes Fuel burning chamber and ash settling and spark catching device, it can successfully get rid of most of the sparks, and make sure the wood shaving drying system work safely and smoothly.

For more detail of wood shaving drying machine, please feel free to contact Sunco Machinery for more detail.

If you are in need of wood shaving dryer machine, please supply more information as follows:

--- Size of the wood shavings 

--- Loosen bulk density (kg per cubic meter) of the wet wood shaving

--- Input capacity (kg per hour) needed 

--- Prefer fuel such as waste wood, diesel, natural gas, etc ?

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