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      Wood Shaving Drying Plant begun bulk production in Malaysia

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      Good News! Wood Shaving Drying Plant begun bulk production in Malaysia successfully.

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      The moisture content of the wet wood shaving is about 40%-50%, and after being dried and processed by the wood shavings dryer machine, the needed output moisture content is about 13%-15%.

      The dry wood shavings is used as animal bedding.

      The wood shavings is rather thin and light, and also it is easy to catch fire if the wood shaving drying system is not designed reasonably. 

      The key point for design the wood shaving drying plant is as follows:

      01. The wood shaving dryer machine should can supply enough drying space;

      02. The wood shaving dryer machine should can make the hot air to heat and dry the wood shavings sufficiently;

      03. The inner design of the wood shaving drying machine should can avoid the wood shavings stuck inside the dryer cylinder.

      04. Especially when use waste wood as fuel, the hot air furnace system should have the reasonable spark catching device.

      If you are in need of wood shaving drying machine, please help to supply more information as belows:

      01. The usual size (Length x Width x Thickness)(mm) of wood shavings ?

      02. The loosen bulk density (kg per cubic meter) of wet wood shavings ?

      03. The initial moisture content (%) of the wet wood shavings ?

      04. The needed output moisture content (%)of the dry wood shavings ?

      05. Prefered fuel for the wood shaving drying process ?

      06. Input capacity (kg per hour) ?

      Once Sunco Machinery are clear on the above information, here we will prepare the related reasonable solution on the wood shaving drying plant for you accordingly soon.

      Note: Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you with details within 24 hours!
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