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Analysis of Smoke Phenomenon Caused by Inner Combustion of Chicken Manure Dryer

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When the chicken manure dryer is working, sometimes there will be internal combustion and smoke. There are the following reasons for this phenomenon. 

Chicken manure dryer emits black smoke because unburned pulverized coal is discharged, and its color is mostly black or dark gray. The emergence of black smoke directly affects the temperature in the chicken manure dryer and the fast speed of the kiln. We should solve this problem in time and take different measures according to different situations. Generally, the manufacturer of chicken manure dryer can deal with it by reducing coal.

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1. Too small volume of chicken dung dryer:

If the size of the dryer is too small, the production process often pursues high yield, and some manufacturers will invest a lot of chicken manure, then the material effluent rate will not meet the standard. If the heat source device inside the dryer is not enough to completely dry the moisture of the material, it will choose to increase the temperature of the heat source device forcibly and increase the heat source again and again, which will eventually lead to the internal combustion of the drying drum.

2. The drying secrets are not sealed properly.

If the poultry manure dryer equipment is not well sealed, there will also be combustion, drying equipment is usually sealed to dry materials. Sealing problem may be the design of drying drum interior, or it may be the combustion caused by excessive ventilation. The dryer equipment is equipped with ventilation system. If the ventilation rate is too large, the internal fire of drying equipment will be greater, and the phenomenon of material combustion in the drum will occur, which will cause a large number of materials to be burned.

3. Drying materials can not be exported in time:

If the chicken manure in the chicken manure drying machine can not be exported in time, it will also cause combustion. When the heat source inside the drying equipment reaches a certain temperature, the moisture content of the material will be reduced. If the moisture content of the material is lowest and can not be exported, the material will continue to absorb heat source, and its temperature will be higher and higher. When the material absorbs a certain heat source to reach the burning point, the material will ignite, which may cause a large fire.

4. The temperature in the chicken manure dryer is too low and the pulling wind is too high.

If the temperature in the chicken manure dryer is too low and the pulling air is too large, the airflow difference in the body will be large, which will make the temperature extremely high and make the inside of the dryer burn and smoke.

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