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What is the work flow of chicken manure dryer ?

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Work flow of chicken manure dryer machine is illustrated in detail in this article.

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1.  Burner and Hot Air Furnace supply the hot air for the chicken manure drying system.

2.  Tractor shovel sends wet chicken manure into Hopper, then wet chicken manure into inlet screw conveyor.

3.  Inlet Screw Conveyor sends the wet manure into the Chicken Manure Dryer.

4.  Inside the chicken manure dryer, the wet manure is heated by the hot air , and the water is evaporated into water vapor, and finally the dried manure goes out from the dryer drums outlet, and the water vapor goes out from the air pipe and then goes into the cyclone dust separator.

5.  Draft fan makes the hot air into the drying system, and make the exhaust air and water vapor out of the dryer drum.

6.  Cyclone Separator is used to separate the dust from the exhaust air .

7.  Exhaust air & Water vapor passes through the draft fan, and goes into deodorization tower, and process the odor in the exhaust air.

8.  Outlet belt Conveyor sends the hot dry chicken manure into rotary cooling drum.

9.  There are draft fan and cyclone separator for the rotary cooling drum. This draft fan makes the cold ambient air into the cooling drum to cool down the hot dry chicken manure, and this cyclone separator separates the fine dust from the exhaust air.

10.  Outlet belt conveyor sends the dry chicken manure into the packing machine.

11.  Electric Control Cabinet is used to control all the machines in the chicken manure drying machine.

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