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Main methods to dry chicken manure

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Main methods to process and dry chicken manure are as follows:

01. By using sunshine to dry the chicken manure

To do it in this way, it needs large ground area so that you can spread the wet chicken manure, and it also will be influenced by the weather such as cloudy and rainy day.  It will needs enough drying time for poultry litter, and during the drying process, there will be strong odor which will pollute the nearby air, and also will cause flies problems.

02. By using blower system and belt mesh dryer to use ambient air to continuously blow the wet poultry manure which will takes around or mkore than 24 hours.  

To do it in this way, the one time invest of such mesh type dryer machine is rather expensive.

03. By adding fermentation bacterials and other organic material such as rice husk, sawdust, etc into wet poultry manure according to certain ratio, and then fermented the mixture within 30-40 days.

To do it in this way, it will needs large ground area, and also needs rather long fermentation process. After the fermentation process, the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduced to be about 40% which is still wet which is not suitable for packing and making the fermented manure into fertilizer pellets.

Thus you will still use chicken manure dryer machine to heat and dry the fermented poultry manure to be moisture content about 16% in advance before the fertlizer pellets production process.

04. To use Sunco Machinery Poultry Manure Dryer Machine:

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By using sunco machiner Chicken Manure Drying machine, you can dry the fresh chicken manure directly, and reduce the moisture content of fresh chicken manure from moisture content 75% to be about 15% safety storage humidity.

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