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Comparison of Dried Chicken Manure and Fermented Chicken Manure

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According to research reports, the nutritional value of chicken manure is richer and more comprehensive than that of other animals. It is not surprising that chicken manure is now selected as the raw material of organic fertilizer. However, the raw chicken manure contains some parasites and infectious bacteria, so it can not be directly applied to farmland without processing. 

In recent years, through practical experience, people often use drying treatment and fermentation treatment. After treatment, chicken manure can be used as feed or fertilizer. Since there is such a way, is it better to ferment chicken manure or to use chicken manure dryer machine to dry it? Here is a comparison between the two methods, and the answer will be revealed naturally.

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1、 Comparison of input costs:

Chicken Manure Dryer Machine Drying method: power and fuel is needed for chicken manure drying, and special chicken manure drying equipment needs to be purchased. 

Fermentation mode: chicken manure fermentation is made by adding liquid recheck bacteria to the chicken manure to ripen it. A large fermentation area and workshop needs to be built.

2、 Comparison of sterilization effect

Chicken Manure Dryer Machine Drying method: drying chicken manure is basically a simple pollution-free treatment. The drying time of chicken manure is relatively short. In a short time, it may completely kill the stubborn harmful virus and bacteria, so the sterilization effect of drying chicken manure is complete.

Fermentation mode: the temperature of fermented chicken manure is rising under the decomposition of liquid biological bacteria. Generally, the temperature can reach 60-70 ℃, and the temperature will last for 3-5 days. During this period of high temperature, basic viruses and bacteria will be killed. Therefore, the effect of fermentation is complete.

3、 Energy consumption comparison

Chicken Manure Dryer Machine Drying method: each ton of dried chicken manure needs about 160-200kg of coal and about 32-40 degrees of power consumption.

Fermentation mode: the fermented chicken manure is formed by high-temperature decomposition under the action of biological bacteria. It only needs to add biological bacteria accumulation, and there is no other energy consumption.

4、 Comparison of fertilizer quality

Chicken Manure Dryer Machine Drying method: the fresh chicken manure needs to be dried by means of coal or electricity to heat the chicken manure to drain the water inside. Because of the high temperature in the furnace, some nutrients in the chicken manure will be destroyed, which will cause the loss of nutrients and reduce the fertilizer efficiency.

Fermentation mode: fermented chicken manure is decomposed by adding biological bacteria into chicken manure. Although the temperature will gradually rise to 60-70 degrees, the temperature will not damage the nutrition of livestock manure, but will promote the transformation from macromolecular to micromolecular nutrition in chicken manure and produce more substances conducive to plant growth. The fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer plants are more easily absorbed, thus enhancing the quick availability of organic fertilizer.

5、 Comparison of environmental pollution

Chicken Manure Dryer Machine Drying method: for  the chicken manure drying system, there is special manure odor system helps to lighten the smell of chicken manure and exhasut air..

Fermentation mode: the production of fermented chicken manure depends on biological bacteria. If the investment can be increased slightly, biogas can be produced. 

To sum up, we can understand the difference between dried chicken manure and fermented chicken. In order to reduce the cost, the suitable manure fertilizer was selected for different planting objects. Sunco Machinery Chicken Manure Dryer machine is ideal for heat and drying the fresh chicken manure directly in short time, and reduce the environment influence as much as possible.

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