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How to dry chicken manure quickly ?

Time:2020年03月15日      Hits:

For some chicken farm owner, they do not want to spend so much time on the fermention of chicken manure, and they just want to process and dry all the fresh chicken manure in one day directly, and then pack the dry chicken manure into bags or just storage it in the workshop.

 In such situation, Sunco Machinery chicken manure drying machine is the ideal choice.

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Sunco Machinery chicken manure dryer machine is developed from the rotary drum dryer, and optimized the design according to the past actual experience of chicken manure drying. It can be used to process and dry the fresh chicken manure with moisture content up to 75%, after the drying procee, the moisture content of chicken manure is reduced to be about 13-15% as need. What is more, the drying time of chicken manure is only about 15 minutes.

 The advantanges of chicken manure dryer machine are as follows:

 01. Compact Structure, less land occuption; 

02. Much shorter drying time, within about 15 minutes can get the dry chicken manure. 

03. Special deodorization device help to keep the working field clean without strong odor. 

04. High temperature chicken manure drying process, kill the bacterial and worms. 

05. Continuous chicken manure drying process, and realize Assembly line operation.

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