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How to get rid of the odor of chicken manure ?

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For the chicken farms, chicken manure is one headache problem. As the chicken manure is with high humidity up to 70-75%, and also can generate strong odor. If not process the chicken manure rightly, it will polllute the environment, especially the local residents also will complain the manure odor.

Sunco Machinery chicken manure dryer machine is idea for drying fresh chicken manure directly and continously. It is to use high temperature flue gas to heat and dry wet chicken manure, and evaporate the water into vapor, and finally get the dry chicken manure. After the chicken manure drying prcocess, the moisture content of chicken manure is reduced to be 15-30% or as need.

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After being dried by rotary chicken manure drier,  we have get the dry chicken manure which is suitable for long term storage and to be used as organic fertilizer. But during the chicken manure drying process, still there is odor inside the exhaust air.

Then how to get rid of the manure odor ?

Firstly we have to make sure where does the strong odor from ?

The manure odor mainly is generated by NH3 (ammonia), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), CH4S (Methyl mercaptan). NH3 and H2S is easily soluble in water. Thus we can use water spraying tower and recycling water pool to absorb the NH3 AND H2S, and help to lighten the odor of chicken manure significantly.

CH4S is not easy to soluble in water. Then how to get rid of CH4S.  There are several methods as follows:

01. To use NAOH

02. To use active carbon to absorb it.

03. To use Plant extract deodorant.

04. To use ethanol to absorb it.

Although the above methods can help to get rid of CH4S, but none of them are economical enough.

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