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Installation and Trial Run of Chicken Manure Dryer

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Installation and Take Trial Run of Chicken Manure Dryer Machine :

1.When the equipment is transported to the installation site, the steel structure foundation support shall be fixed at the predetermined position of the chicken manure drying machine unit and welded with the embedded iron (if the ground has been prefabricated, the steel structure support can be fixed by expansion bolts).

2.Sends the chicken manure dryer to the work site, use the crane to put the dryer on the steel structure support stably (Refer to layout drawing).  Then level up the dryer, The big bottom frame of the dryer is welded well with steel structure support, and then it is ok.

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3.For the position of steel structure support of chicken manure dryer’s motor and reduction gear box, please refer to the layout drawing.

4.Hot Air Furnace:

Firstly to make sure the height of the furnace’s hot air outlet is same as the height of the dryer’s hot air inlet, then decide the foundation height of the furnace. The foundation of the furnace can be made of bricks, please also refer to the foundation drawing.                          

5.For the position of fuel feeder and blower, please refer to layout drawing.

6.For the installation of cyclone separator, induced draft fan, deodorization tower and air duct, please refer to the layout drawing, and connect well them according to the actual situation. Need to use Asbestos rope to seal well the connection position of air duct. Finally to use expansion bolts to fixed well the cyclone separator, induced draft fan and deodorization tower onto the ground.

7.Output Belt Conveyor: According to the actual need, to install the output belt conveyor. Need to seal well the connection position between dryer discharging hole and belt conveyor, and avoid the cold air goes into dryer which will influence the dryer work performance, and use expansion bolts to fix output belt conveyor well onto the ground.

8.Draft Fan: to connect the motor of draft fan to Electric control Cabinet according to the electric wiring diagram.

9.After all the parts are installed well and the concrete solidification, check if all the fastener are fixed well, and if everything is ok, then begin to take trial run without load of the chicken manure dryer machine.

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