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How to remove and install the bearing of sand dryer machine ?

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Sand dryer as a device for drying sand, long-term operation will lead to different equipment problems, so it is necessary to repair and maintain the equipment. Sand dryer is composed of multiple parts, and the operation of different parts is different, and the maintenance of bearing is one of the very important points.
Sand dryer machine in the process of repair and maintenance, it is necessary to remove and install the bearing of the equipment. In the process of disassembly and installation, if the steps are not correct, it is likely to cause damage to the bearing, which will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, then how to install and remove the bearing of the sand drying machine ?
When the sand dryer bearing is disassembled, screw should be squeezed on the circumference of the shell, and the screws should be evenly tightened before disassembly. At the same time, when disassembling the cone roller bearing of the sand dryer, the cushion block should be used to remove the bearing with a press, or it can be knocked down gently, and it can not be disassembled by brute force.

After the outer ring is disassembled, the inner ring disassembly is relatively simple. It is relatively simple to pull out the inner ring with pressure plate. For the inner ring disassembly of sand dryer bearing, the oil pressure method can be selected. Add oil pressure to the oil hole of the bearing to facilitate drawing, while the bearing with larger width can be disassembled by oil pressure method.

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When disassembling the tapered bore bearing, the stopper on the bearing should be fixed to hold the inner ring. After the nut is reversed several times, the cushion block is used to knock and dismantle. If the large tapered hole bearing is used, the oil pressure is relatively simple to remove. The oil is pressurized at the oil pressure hole of the tapered hole shaft to expand the inner ring, and then the disassembly is carried out.

The bearing shall be cleaned or replaced after disassembly. During installation, the turbidity shall not enter into the bearing, otherwise it will affect the normal installation of the bearing and affect the work of the sand dryer. Since the bearing of the rotary sand dryer is of separate type, it is difficult to clean it. Therefore, attention should be paid to avoid equipment wear during installation.

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