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Natural gas fired hot air furnace for sand dryer

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For sand drying machine, in the past many customers is to use coal as fuel to generate hot flue gas for the sand drying process. The heat calorific value of standard coal can be up to 7000 kcal per kg, and it can help to supply enough heat for the sand dryer machine.

The coal price is cheap, and in China there are sufficient coal resource. But after the coal is burning, not only it will generate coal ash, but also generate smelly exhaust air which is pollute the air.

With the developing of economy and society, the people are pay more and more attention to the environment protection. Thus it is not suitable to use coal as fuel for the sand dryer machine again.

Then, we have to find one clean fuel at the earliest.

Natural gas is clean fuel, the burning of natural gas mainly will generate CO2 and H2O. The heat calorific value of natural gas is about 8200kcal per m3. By burning the natural gas, it can supply enough heat for the sand drying machine continuously and evenly.

Although natural gas is some more expensive than coal, but it will not pollute the environment. Sunco Machinery cand design and supply Natural gas fired hot air furnace for you accordingly. 

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Hot air furnace is working with natural gas burner. Natural gas burner is used to burn the natural gas, and the hot air furnace is used to supply the burning chamber. Finally under the function of induced draft fan, the hot flue gas goes into sand dryer machine, then heat and dry the wet sand, and evaporate the water into vapor, finally gets the dry sand as need.  After being dried by sand drying machine, the moisture content of dry sand can be reduced to be less than 3% or even bone dry.

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