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Description of the spark and fire control system of wood chip dryer machine

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  Description of the spark and fire control system of wood chip dryer machine.

  There are burning chamber, ash settling chamber, screw conveyor for taking away the ash automatically. The design of the furnace system can slow down the air speed, and also there is high temperature resistant fire resistance net which can capture most of the fire sparks, and the ash is taken out from the bottom of the furnace by the screw conveyor automatically.

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The wet wood chips and hot air goes into the wood chip drying machine meantime, the wet wood chips is heated by the hot air, and the water inside the wood chips comes out and become water vapor continuously. The temperature of hot air is dropping when the temperature of wood chips is rising and the water is becoming water vapor.

Near the inlet of the dryer, although the temperature of hot air is high, but here the wood chips is very wet and also coming into the dryer continuously, then hot air temperature drops quickly, thus in normal operation, the wood chips will not burn.

Near the outlet of the wood chip dryer machine, although the wood chips have become rather dry, but here the temperature is only about 70-80 centigrade, and also there is much water vapor here, and such temperature can not up to Ignition point of the wood chips, and in normal operation, the wood chips will not burn.

Then, in what condition, the wood chips will burn inside the rotary wood chips dryer ?

When the wood chips are stuck inside the dryer, and can not pass through the woodchip dryer smoothly, then its temperature will rise higher and higher, and when the temperature is up to Ignition point of the wood chips, then the wood chips will burn.

We have already fully considered the possible wood chips burning inside the wood chips dryer, and the inner design of our wood chips dryer can make sure that the wood chips can pass through it smoothly.

What is more, on the inlet cover, outlet cover, and cyclone separator, there is transparent observation holes for checking the condition inside the dryer in actual working.

In case there is fire inside the wood chips dryer, you can quickly stop wet wood chips feeding, stop furnace, and reduce the air volume of draft fan even stop it. Meantime make the dryer rotate continuously so that the wood chips come out of the dryer, and install/put one Fire water tank on the top of the wood chips dryer outlet, and use the water to put off the fire.

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