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Wood Chip Dryer Working Principle

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Wood Chip Dryer Machine also is kown as wood chip drying machine, rotary wood chip dryer machine, and it is ideal for drying wood chips in large capacity, and then what is the working principle of wood chip dryer ?

? Brief Introduction of Wood Chip Dryer Machine:

Wood Chip Dryer Machine is used to process and dry wet wood chips. After being dried, the moisture content of the wood chips can be reduced to be about 15-30% or as need, and the dry wood chips can be used as biomass fuel for boiler, power plant, etc.

Wood Chip Dryer Machine has the features of stable operation, wide application, large processing capacity.

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? Working Principle of Wood Chip Dryer Machine:

Heating system - Feeding system - Drying system - Discharging system - Exhaust air discharging system - Exhaust air treatment system. 

Working Principle: The dry hot flue gas generated by combustion enters into the dryer under the action of induced draft fan, and then heat the cylinder wall and materials, under the action of the lifting plates and the inner chambers, the Wood Chips moves towards the discharge end in a spiral shape. In the process of moving, the material continuously absorbs the heat of the cylinder wall, rises and falls continuously, and carries out heat exchange with dry hot flue gas. After reaching the discharge end, the dry Wood Chips is discharged by the output screw conveyor, and the exhaust air and water vapor is discharged through deodorization tower into atmosphere.

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