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Key Points for the design of dryer machine for wood shavings

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As many customers without sufficient knowledge on the drying machine for wood shavings, it is not easy for them to select the suitable wood shavings drying machine accordingly.

Before to select the reasonable wood shavings dryer, firstly we have to be clear on the features of the wood shavings as follows:

01. It is inner water which needs enough time to heat and dry it sufficiently;

02. It is very light. For 2000kg wet wood shavings, its volume is up to 40 cubic meter.

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Then what is the key points for the design of dryer machine for wood shavings ?

01. Should can supply enough drying time; 

02. Should can supply enough drying space and water evaporation space for the wood shavings ; 

03. Especially when use wood as fuel, it will generate sparks and ash. The ash settling chamber and fire proof net are necessary;

04. Wood shavings should can pass through the dryer cylinder smoothly in time, especially to avoid some of wood shavings is stuck at the inlet end of the dryer. As the inlet end of the dryer is connected to the hot air furnace, and it is high temperature zone. If some of wood shavings is stuck here, and its temperature will rise quickly and then would cause fire. (Near the inlet end of the dryer, our design there is Overflow hopper which is used to overcome this problems.) 

05. The inner design of the wood shavings dryer should be reasonable which can help to disperse the wood shavings sufficiently, then make sure there is enough contact area between the hot air and wood shavings, thus the wood shavings can be heated by the hot air sufficiently, and we can have better heat exchanging efficiency.

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