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Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker, Labortary Testing Sieve,

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker is widely used in laboratory, quality inspection department and other inspection departments to determine the particle size distribution of particles and powder materials, the impurity content of products and the solids content of liquid .
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Introduction of Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker:

The standard Mechanical Sieve Shaker with vibration motor as vibration source, vibration motor drive vibration sieve machine base, and then through the base transfer to the standard test screen on base seat, the experimental material smaller than the screen mesh goes into the lower sieve, so layers of screening, each layer of test sieve leaving only the same size range material. The separation of different grain sizes is achieved and the particle size composition of the material is determined. The purpose of screening, grading and filtering materials in the test screen.

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker, Labortary Testing Sieve,

Features of Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker:

2.1  The efficiency is high, the design is exquisite and durable, any powder and liquid can be screened;

2.2  Small volume, easy to move;

2.3  The highest sieves of eight layers of sieves (including bottom sieves) can be placed in the screening machine, which can be accurately divided into 2~7 particle segments at the same time.

2.4  Can automatically turn off the machine regularly;

2.5  Ensure the repeatability of the experiment.

2.6  The function is all and the operation is simpler.

2.7  Small noise and light weight;

2.8  Platform operation, no need to be fixed;

2.9  The amplitude can be adjusted.

                                               Front                                                                                     Rear

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker, Labortary Testing Sieve,

Structure of Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker:

1. Round Handbar   2. Tighten Handbar   3. Top Cover  4. Sieve Frame  5. Switch  6. Vibrating Motor  7. Timer  8. Vibratory tray  9. Screw Stem 10. Shell  11. Spring  12.Bottom Bucket  13. Foundation Bolts  14. Spring Base  15. Pressing Head

Specification of Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker:

 No.  Name  Unit   Description
 01  Standard Sieve  layer   9 
 02  Sieve Diameter  mm  200, 100 , 75 
 03  Sieving granularity  mm  0.038-3, to be customized
 04  Noise  db  <=50
 05  Feeding Capacity  g  <=50
 06  amplitude   mm  <=5
 07  Motor  w  125
 08  Overall Dimension  mm  300x400x370
 09  Weight  kg  30

Photos of Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker:

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker, Labortary Testing Sieve,

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker, Labortary Testing Sieve,

Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker, Labortary Testing Sieve,

Usage method Labortary Testing Sieve Shaker:

3.4.1 If the vibration amplitude is needed to adjusted, the angle of the upper and lower excitation blocks in the machine can be adjusted to the right angle, and different exciting forces can be obtained. Generally, no adjustment needed.

3.4.2 Adjust the time according to the screening requirement. The time relay in the middle of the front panel of the standard vibrating screen is divided into two points, the first two numbers is minutes, and the last two numbers is seconds. Timing can be adjusted in 0-99 minutes and 59 seconds according to needs.

3.4.3 The lowest is sieve bottom (without hole sieve), put sieve cover on the top , between the sieve bottom and sieve cover, according to the requirements of particle size, from top to bottom, from coarse to fine in principle can be put into 1-7 layers of test sieves,  put the material into the top (also the most coarse mesh layer).

3.4.4 The standard test sieves are placed in the equipment, locking the nuts tightly on the top and both sides.

3.4.5 After doing the above steps, open the green button on the front panel of the standard vibrating screen. After a period of time sieving, the machine can stop automatically. The machine also can be stopped by the red button. At the end of the screening, you can screen out several size range of the material as need.

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