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Rotary Vibrating Sieve, Rotary Vibrating Screen, high precision screening machinery

Rotary Vibrating Sieve

Rotary vibrating sieve is specially designed as a high precision screening machinery. Rotary vibrating sieve is suitable for screening granular, powdery, Liquid material.
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Introduction of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

Rotary vibrating sieve also is named as Rotary Vibrating Screen. It is specially designed as a high precision screening machinery. Rotary vibrating sieve is suitable for screening granular, powdery, Liquid material.

Structure of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

Rotary Vibrating Sieve is composed of a upper cover, a screen box, a base and a vertical motor with eccentric weight installed at two ends. Rotary vibrating screen can be produced in horizontal, vertical, inclined motions by adjusting the upper and lower eccentric weight. Diameter also can be ranged from 400mm to 2000mm, with single or multiple screening decks, material can be total carbon steel, total stainless steel or material contact parts are stainless steel according to different product. 

Application of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

Chemical industry: resin, coating, industrial medicine, cosmetics, paint, Chinese medicine powder, etc.

Food industry: sugar powder, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soya bean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice, etc.

Metal, metallurgical mining: aluminum, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic material, grinding powder, refractory, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy calcium carbonate, quartz sand and so on.

Public nuisance treatment: waste oil, waste water, dyeing and finishing wastewater, auxiliaries, activated carbon and so on.

Advantages and Features of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

--- Various material separation range- power or particle,wet or dry, heavy or light,coarse or fine, hot or cold.

--- Various size range-available diameter from 400mm to 2000mm,mesh size can reach 500 mesh ( 0.028 mm).

--- Environmentally Friendly- Fully enclosed structure,no dust pollution,improve working conditions for operators as well.

--- Quick Screen Changes-Quick release device is provided to replace the screen with 5 minutes.

--- Automatic screen cleaning-bouncing balls keep screen openings clean and maintain a good efficiency.

--- Customized order- Rotary vibrating screen can be customized according to customer’s demand.

--- Unique design-Mature technology,compact and simple structure,convenient installation and maintenance.

--- Wide application-Rotary vibrating screen is applicable to any powder, granule, particle and mucus.

Specification of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

Detail Pictures of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

Working Field Photos of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:

Selection Conditions of Rotary Vibrating Sieve:
? Material to be processed: _____
? Max. granule size of the feeding material: _____mm
? Handling capacity (Ps. It means the total material capacity feeding from the inlet): _____t/h
? Layer number: ______           
? Mesh size of each layer: _____mm
? Bulk Density: _____t/m3
? Particle distribution ercentage:____________
? Material temperature: _____℃;
? Water content:____%
? Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No)
? Material is sticky or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No)
? Working environment is indoor or outdoor: _____  
? Working environment temperature: ______ ℃
? Upstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind ofequipment is used to feed the material): _____
? Downstream equipment (Ps. It means what kind of equipment is used to discharge the material): _____
? Working power supply: _____V ______HZ 

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